Help your kids discover the wonders behind creation. Join us to make the world our laboratory.

In 2009, we purchased the farm to start teaching from home. We wanted to build something that represented our passion to learn through experiencing, get kids out of the class rooms, and into God’s creation.
We took Mel’s garage, and to his dismay, renovated it into a barn for science, complete with a fully functioning lab for the kids, teaming with critters, like our adorable Snapping turtle, Tiger salamander, and even a Bearded dragon!
When the kids go outside, they meet the goats and rabbits, and of course the baby chickens.
It was important to us that children would get to see up-close and personal how wonderful these loving creatures are.
Some of the classes we’re offering:
  • Electricity, Magnets, Matter, Color and Light, Simple Machines
  • Periodic Table of the Elements
  • Plants, Worms, Fungi, Aquaponics
  • Butterflies and Moths, Insects
  • Weather
  • Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Pond Biology, Owls
  • Human Body (Systems, Heart, Brain, etc.)
  • SC Ocean Life
  • Schoolyard Habitats
  • The Science of Sound
  • Geology, Volcanoes, Rocks and Fossils
Ellen Kahue - Classroom
Ellen Kahue teaching students

Physical Classes

Every month, be one of our students to come for a 90 minute class. We use modern technology and lab tools such as microscopes to create a hands-on experience kids love. Students are frequently sent home with supplies and further content to continue their learning.

Online Classes

Ellen Kahue has lots of exciting things to share in the video below. From local field trips, and webinars, to constellations and monarch butterflies, these online classes are at your own pace and will enable your children to bring science and nature right into your homes.

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterflies

What makes the Monarch Butterfly so captivating?

Join Ellen to see what life is like being royalty with the Monarch Butterfly, see their habitats, migration patterns, anatomy, and of course the mesmerizing metamorphosis.

For ages 7-12

Constellations & Telescopes

In this two part course, learn the skills of an astronaut!
• Basic mechanics of telescopes
• Best practices of telescopes
• Which apps to get
• Learning about the 12 Constellations
• Where to find the Constellations
• Biblical understanding

For ages 7-12

This is a MUST for those who love space! Don’t miss it! 

Constellations and Telescopes

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